Last year SiGMA was introducing the most eye-catching and impressive stands of the SiGMA17 and Betfinal was one of the winners and won the Best Bronze.

“Betfinal had transformed its booth into a tiny football field with stadium chairs. This unusual idea created an appealing brand image and was a very innovative way to boast the brand around.

We at Betfinal wanted to focus on our sport brand and created a tiny football field with stadium chairs. As we have passion for sport we thought this was a great idea for a stand and it was and we won the Best Bronze.

SiGMA is the largest dedicated iGaming exhibition and conference for the iGaming industry and have been doing this for a few years now. Their goal is to bring the entire iGaming community together where you can meet a lot of iGaming enthusiasts that either work in iGaming or have a passion for it.

You can find more information about the winnings stands at SiGMA17 here.


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